Feedback from the Stabilization and Boundary Repair class:

So many bodywork experiences are protocol based.  I am a trauma survivor and all of them have created trauma.  This does not.  This approach allows space and choice and time to reach out and explore what is possible after the stability.   LMT, BCST

This is the first time I've seen this type of material presented. It is unique and useful  I highly recommend taking Brigit's class and experiencing her unique perspective first hand.  

Brigit has a wealth of information and breaks down complex ideas into bite-sized pieces.  Great life learning material. Thanks!  L-Ac, Dipl-Ac

Brigit has an amazing presence and ability to bring clarity to very complex systems.  This class is for anyone who wants to work with understanding their own nervous system and patterns better.  LMT

Wonderful theoretical and practical material I can easily apply with all clients, as well as in my interpersonal relationships.  Alison Babil, LMT bodyworker and intuitive

Lots of ideas that you're unlikely to run across in any other one-day training.