​​​​Alchemical Alignment training will only be online for now. 

Upcoming dates
Level 1  Jan 19-23, 2022
Level 2  Mar 2-6, 2022
Level 3  Apr 27- May 1, 2022
Level 4  June 22-26, 2022.
(Wed-Sun 9:45am-3:30pm, Eastern US time, online on Zoom.)

Apply here 
for January's Lev 1-4 if you are a practitioner ready to join us.


heart- and soul-based experiential bodywork training

with a solid amount of information to fill your mind.  

Learn principles and practices for interactive,

virtual and hands-on, non-verbal and verbal

health, fight, flight and freeze work. 

Classes include "The Alignment Sequence™," a mindful embodiment ritual movement meditation,

as well as guided seated meditations, experiential exercises for dyads and triads, and more. 

Level 1:

Experiential somatic meditation.
Alignment Sequence™ movement.
Creating safe conditions for trauma resolution work. 
Principles and practices of Biodynamic and Full Spectrum Craniosacral Therapy.
Aligning self before working with other. 
Intro to practitioner archetype embodiment. Role clarity.
Alchemical talk skills:  trauma-related language intro. 
Aligning touch skills:  the whole, stabilization and extremities, the first steps. 
Shift to client interoception and neuroception being primary. 
Intro to tracking the whole being, and alignment with Blueprint of Health. 
Boundary repair intro.
Thorough introduction to Body Security System and Polyvagal Dynamics.
Working with waves of information.
Intro to standing, seated and table work. 

Levels 2, 3, 4:

Experiential somatic meditation.
Alignment Sequence™ movement.
Review of past levels.
The alchemy of containment and microchallenge.

7 Realms of the Body Security System.

5 Heights of Interpersonal Danger, 5 Depths of Freeze.
Diving deeper into Polyvagal and Autonomic Security System understanding and tracking. 
Awareness and utilization of the social nervous system and secure attachment. 
Safely inquiring into and meeting imprints:  fight, flight, freeze, shame and grief. 
Threat response, and its completion. 
Unmet developmental needs, and meeting them.
Accessing core work using extremities.
Local and global symptom dynamics.
Safety valve work at joints, diaphragms. 
Continued standing, seated and table work. 
Aikido principles for shadow work and client symptoms.
Threshold dynamics, sequencing.
Talk skills: advanced communication overview. 
Tools for activation.
Building capacity for more powerful therapeutic work. 
Even deeper stability, transformation: central channel work.  
Boundary repair continued (post-injury, accident, surgery, etc).
More nuanced attention, talk and touch trauma resolution skills. 
Client education. 
Trauma categories.


Upcoming dates: 
Level 1  Jan 19-23, 2022
Level 2  Mar 2-6, 2022
Level 3  Apr 27- May 1, 2022
Level 4  June 22-26, 2022.
(Wed-Sun 9:45am-3:30pm Eastern US time online.)

Apply here.

Course costs:

$7250 total, Levels 1-4.
Includes $500 non-refundable registration fee.

Or $6000: discountfor early payment in full:  $1250 off,

which equals $6000 total for Levels 1-4, paid by one month before the first level (Dec 19, 2021).
Commitment to all four levels required.

Cost includes class, and between-level group supervision sessions.

(Individual supervision, if you choose that instead, is not included in tuition.)

​The training is recommended for practitioners with a practice, who have done a fair amount of personal work, and are ready for a deeper somatic exploration. 

Homework required: regular meditation, movement, readings, peer exchanges, receiving professional sessions, giving practice sessions, and supervision. Alignment Sequence download included. 

Participation eligibility to be determined by instructor.


Optional Advanced Levels by invitation only, after completing Levels 1-4,

$945 each, $845 1 month early. 

Deepening into Lev 5: Birth(intro to somatic blueprint and imprints,

pre-conception to post-birth),

and Lev 6: Death(challenge vs trauma, intro to 

somatic imprints left by death of others and near-death in self).

Deeper relational somatic security system detail work.


Number of spots limited.

25 Bodywork CEU's per level (NCBTMB).

Brigit Viksnins is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB)

as a Continuing Education Approved Provider.


Withdrawal/cancellation policy

Brigit Viksnins and Alchemical Alignment, LLC reserve the right to cancel or postpone any program.  In such

a case, tuition credit is transferred to future classes.  We also reserve the right to ask any student to leave,

or wait for the next round, for any reason.

In case of student cancellation: 
This policy encourages you to commit to coming. Tuition is fully transferable to another round of training up to 6 weeks prior to the start of the class, and changing to another group, the $500.00 registration fee will be charged. Within 6 weeks of class, tuition is non-refundable or transferable except in cases of dangerous weather, unexpected illness, birth work, or emergency.



We love variety. The idea of people from various backgrounds, languages, cultures and communities getting

this healing message, and translating it into what will serve their community feels fulfilling to me. Because

of this, a limited number of scholarships of 25-75% off for all levels are available for individuals working

directly with historically marginalized communities, please include an explanation in your application

if you are interested in being considered.



Part of the Alchemical Alignment culture includes retaking, as often as you would like. This is a win-win

situation, where your skill reaches new breadth and depth, receiving the information again and again. In

addition, the newcomers benefit from your level of practice. There is always something new to learn

or with which to experiment, for practitioners at all levels. This model is based on Aikido classes, where

all levels train together. The cost is $600 per level (due one month before class), with preference given

to those retaking a whole round (Levels 1-4).


Course Creator Bio:

Brigit Viksnins MAT, SEP, RCST®, BCTMB, LMT  

Brigit is an advanced bodyworker, and the creator of the training program 

Alchemical Alignment and the movement/embodiment meditation

The Alignment Sequence.  She is also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner,

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, and Board Certified Massage Therapist.  

She has undergrad and graduate degrees from Georgetown University.  

Brigit has had a successful private bodywork practice in the Washington, DC/

Piscataway/Nacotchtank area since 1996.  She is a mother and grandmother as well!

Brigit is a first-generation Latvian American, from a lineage rich with healers, midwives, authors and teachers.  Her parents and all childhood community adults had been refugee immigrant children under bombs and in Displaced Person's camps in WWII, on their way to the USA. She regularly travels to post-Soviet Latvia to share her skills. 

Brigit loves introducing students to awareness-oriented, interactive bodywork, demonstrating how to facilitate sessions for maintaining and improving health. She also loves to work with experienced practitioners and self-exploration adepts who want to further investigate their inner landscapes, moving from trauma resolution to embodiment of spirit.  

She created a full body movement meditation -- latest video recorded in the forest in Latvia -- called The Alignment Sequence, based on movements from Aikido, Qi Gong, and bodywork stretching. It is helpful for practitioners and clients who want to move beyond old patterns into their Original and Potential Blueprints, and cultivate self-regulation, resilience, presence and power.

Brigit taught Massage Therapy at PMTI in the 90's, is steps away from being an association-approved Biodynamic Craniosacral (BCST) teacher (well, tbh, it has been a decade and hasn't reached the top of the to-do list yet), has assisted Somatic Experiencing (SE) trainings and Body Into Being. 

Since 2013, she has been teaching her own training program, Alchemical Alignment: Bodywork for Trauma Resolution and Embodiment of Spirit (see class testimonials here). In January 2022, the 15th group of Alchemical Alignment will commence.  In February, 2022, senior students will become Alchemical Alignment Instructors for the first parts of the program, and Brigit will continue to teach more advanced modules.

To reach Brigit's very limited private practice calendar, schedule here if you are a practitioner interested in the program: 1 session,  3 sessions.  For non-practitioners, not interested in the program, schedule here: 1 session, 3 sessions

Brigit values continuing education highly, and not only teaches, but also participates regularly in short or in-depth training programs as a student or an assistant.​ Recently those include programs by Ray Castellino and Anna Chitty (Body Into Being: PPN/BCST/SE/Polarity), Katherine Ukleja (post-grad BCST), Kain and Terrell (TST), Barral and Crobier (Neuromeningeal 1-5 and Visceral Osteopathic), Boxhall (BCST), Upledger (CST), Barnes (MFR), Wanveer (Glia), Degranges (PPN/BCST/SE), Taussig (Distance Osteopathic Skills), Bosbach Largent (Family Constellations foundation training), as well as regular morning class Aikido training starting in 1991. Here is a list of some classes that have influenced her worldview.


Course Instructors and Assistants:

There have been several bodyworkers and psychotherapists with decades of experience and extensive education participating as assistants. They are recommended for professional sessions and supervision as well. Their practices may be in person only or also/only virtual, please inquire directly.


Tele Darden (Maryland)

Gisele Silva LMT, BCST (Lancaster PA)

Ladan Nabet L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (Baltimore MD)

Kimberly Clark OTR/L (ME)

Paulette Robinson PhD (Southern MD)

​Liz Hartshorn LMT, RCST®, SEP (NYC)

Glenda Enagonio LMT, RCST®, SEP (Kensington MD)

Claire Turner RCST®​ (OR)


Rob Sherrod NCTMB (Silver Spring MD)

Wayne Sickels RCST®, NCTMB, MTS, MDIV (Reston VA)

Carol Syvret Austin LMT, RCST®  (Herndon VA)

Sille Borstad SEP, RCST®, NCTMB  (Mt Pleasant DC)

Sandra Washburn LMT, RCST®  (Martha's Vineyard, MA)

Becky Carroll PhD, SEP (MA)

Connie Ridgway LICSW, LMT (DC, VA)​

Kate White MA, SEP, RCST®, NCTMB (Charlottesville VA)

Cynthia Wilcox PhD  (CO)

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