Alchemical Alignment:
Bodywork for Trauma Resolution
and Embodiment of Spirit
Training Program

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Come learn leading-edge healing principles and practices that work.

Are you a sensitive, intuitive, intelligent, introverted, healing arts practitioner looking for an advanced somatic training?

Would you love to practice interactive, awareness-oriented, body-oriented work which helps reset overactive threat responses to natural, regulated default settings?

Have you been working with people who have experienced an early trauma? When working with them, do you find underlying body history issues pop up, especially dissociative, fragmenting patterns, and you are not confident on how to proceed?  

We work with undigested life experience -- of threat which overwhelmed available resources -- which is creating difficulty in the body or being in present time. 

These can have begun at any time: from before conception (ancestral/epigenetic or past life) through gestation, birth, early attachment (pre and perinatal times), childhood...

Now that cutting edge science and therapeutic processes are all proving the body bears the burden, consumers are turning to those who work with the body to find relief.

Training in theory, verbal skills, harmonic attention use, and virtual or hands-on application, however, is at the leading edge of understanding, and is not so easy to find.  

The body expresses its story in present time -- this is not a regressive therapy. We consciously create conditions for change, and the body brings unfinished issues to the foreground to transmute them. The body security system has its own innate wisdom, and capacity, regarding the pace at which this happens.

You as a student practitioner learn to work with the felt sense of health and embodied wholeness first, and then the waves of information that the body provides -- among which are five heights of fight, and flight, and five depths of freeze symptoms.  

In class we practice specialized touch and attention skills, and unique verbal skills.  The physical body, completing threat responses and having unmet needs met, comes into coherence with the light and fluid bodies, and we witness the melting of symptoms, even those held life-long.

This can be done in quantum leaps (catalytic work) or in small doable bits (nurturing resilience) over time. Chronic situations require chronic care. 

The subtle yet profound skills of this course will change your perceptions of healing work. Powerful in its simplicity and efficiency, Alchemical Alignment brings a potent new paradigm to the world of trauma resolution and embodiment of spirit.

Once we have worked with the symptoms on a causal level, the body shifts. Often people experience light, warmth, or vibration moving through their bodies, ending up with a feeling of fluidity or wholeness. 

After a certain amount of trauma resolution, we witness "Embodiment of Spirit."

For example, it is possible to feel areas of chronic physical and emotional pain and tension melt away, experience boundary and relational field repair. You can feel the body balancing itself right to left, top to bottom, back to front, or empty parts filling in again. In addition, people report inner awakenings, like an increase in sensory and felt sense awareness; feeling a direct connection with their Higher Self, more insight, spiritual awareness, compassion and clarity; finding their voice, even channeling; feeling their adult self as well as reconnecting with innocence; integrating shame and grief; connecting with peace, relaxation, grounding and vitality like never before; finding an embodied understanding of health and connection, and more.

Beyond all of that, co-regulation can become available, sometimes for what feels like the first time. Developing or repairing the relational field is possible... relating with self, with nature and animals, with spirit, and with other humans.

Your sense of any subject, reality, time and space can even shift. It is such a joy to witness the spirit and the body come into alignment.  

You can move from solid (imprinted, strained, distorted, dysregulated) form to fluid and light, to blueprint order, to a new solid yet fluid form, into new potential.

This work changes Law of Attraction set points.
For your comfort, you will want a foundation in some skill before you come to this intermediate to advanced-level class, whether it is mindfulness, intentional work, self-development, bodywork or other therapeutic skills. Stillness and movement practices, and high-level self care, greatly enhance your learning.

Join us if you are on the path to becoming more regulated, embodied and empowered, and are interested in the art, magic and science of this kind of practice.

*Each participant will be asked to continue to work within the scope of their current practice. This training, while thorough, does not license participants to have a touch practice, or to call themselves trauma experts.

*This course is full of theory and practical tools for private practice - it is not intended to teach a foundation of business skills or practice development.

*All practice work in class will be done virtually, or if in person, with bodies clothed, while seated, standing, or lying on treatment tables. 

*The training is appropriate for practitioners working with the health of the body, mind and/or spirit.  

*The training can be rigorous, thus you would want to come with a certain amount of resilience.

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