Q: What would you say to someone considering taking the training?

It is a wonderful way to put words to subtle skills you may already have been slightly aware of. It deepens them with recognition and naming. Truly magical, deep field - I feel the field engage deeply before it starts and just really appreciate the whole concept of a toroidal group field that moves and wicks things away.. it also seems to be bringing things to me as well… showing me archetypes and information that I need in a moment. Fascinating.

I would have a lot to say about how its changed my life both personally and professionally. I would definitely recommend it but it's not for everyone. I think people who need a lot of structure would possibly find it challenging but it's probably great medicine for them in finding stability in a fluid way.

Allow for time to absorb and be gentle with yourself.


I feel that this approach and these principles to healing work (in bodywork or counseling) are needed for EVERYONE. In that sense, the skills I have learned in these classes have helped me navigate all the relationships in my life - both professionally and personally.

I would say that it's an incredible training, AND I would recommend that they have some experience in trauma resolution and/or bodywork skills prior to taking it (which I think you already say). I don't think I'd recommend it to someone who is brand new to this work.

I highly suggest it and it has informed so much about my life and the way I see the world.

Fascinating information and exploration.

100% recommendation.   

These are skills that you can take with you anywhere in life, allowing you to show up in a clearer way which has transformational impacts for yourself while having positive effects on how you are in the world and those you come into contact with.

Alchemical Alignment is life-changing. It truly brings you into alignment, while allowing you space to heal and grow your own practitioner skills. It's a must for anyone wanting to work with trauma, while continuing to heal themselves. In the training I experience a softening into myself and a newfound ability to slow down. In this space I was able to receive more from the universe, create better energetic boundaries, and tap into new channeling abilities. 

After two decades of personal development work, workshops, retreats, psychotherapy, bodywork, I can finally say that I've arrived into my body and into my life.  This would be enough, but I've also received fabulous new skills to transmit this experience to others, should I choose to.  It was unbelievably rich, sweet and welcoming.  I've never been around someone or something this coherent and integrated.  It is ripe and exquisite.

The training is for those who are truly interested in doing the deep work and who are able to be patient as the healing works them through. It's not a quick fix and the richness within it is stunning. I am in awe is this work and completely humbled by it and the expertise and skill in the way it is taught. 

Prepare for some serious expansion and grounding! How fortunate you are to have this training in your awareness. I've had the experience of eventually becoming disappointed by most other trainings and events. Not this one. I continue to be amazed, inspired and DEVELOPING me in the most delicious and gentle way. The knowledge and wisdom here never cease to end.

Sometimes as a practitioner it can be a very lonely journey. The AA training helped me to ground my work, to lay a new and more stable foundation. I experience more ease in my sessions and I feel more connected to others who are doing similar work. It’s a great environment to grow and expand and become more of who you truly are.

I'm finally landing nervous system concepts I've been studying for a few years, and I'm loving really leaning into my yin qualities (as I've traditionally been more of a yang practitioner, too pushy and thinking something needed to happen). The trainings regulate my NS and show me a new way.

I always HIGHLY recommend this series of classes to any bodyworker I know who is interested in trauma work. I tell them how much personal growth I experienced from the experiential sessions the first time I took the class, how much great information is conveyed, and that I felt confident to start working with trauma clients after taking the classes. 

It is the absolutely best thing to consider. It is way more than a training. It is an alchemical container of personal and professional integrity, ethics and sustainable Health. The teachers are embodied masters of their work offering the ankh of Health.

I love just how rich the basic first class is with the information presented and the practice sessions. My very first time experiencing this material was incredibly profound, and taking it the second time around allowed me to go even deeper and relax into listening even more.

Probably talking to psychotherapists--more in my orbit--this is slowing everything way down--even more so that Years 1 and 2 of SE--so that you zoom into even finer gradations of the somatic/healing experience.

I really wish more bodyworkers (no matter what their training or profession might be) would take this class. So maybe I would mention how having trauma informed knowledge is so important to any work that one does.

so glad I retook, really appreciated the structure this time, the unfolding made so much sense (and sense); wind or water on rocks (canyon, arch, polished river stone)


I talk about this course all the time. I couldn't recommend it more. [...] Retaking - the more you show up, the more you practice, the more it will become integrated, the more aHA! moments will come and the more regulated your nervous system and practice will become! SIGN UP TODAY!

I loved retaking the first class! The first time I took it I found myself learning so much, but not being able to really remember the context or articulate what was it that I learned because it was very experiential. The second time around I felt what my mind could not retain in context from the first time, though my energetic field, torus, body absorbed the information. Retaking this course made me realize that by experiencing the wealth of knowledge presented here, it translates to health and embodiment. My logical, thinking mind then was able to translate the experience, and absorb that into concepts, context, and theories taught.

I am taking this course because I loved the idea of "Embodiment of Spirit" aspect of it. I am getting that and so much more. It is learning how to live within all ranges of my being and appreciating all of it.

Trust your yes. This is a depth practice, so go into it open to revelation rather than having a pre-conceived goal. So much can open when we are receptive to what already wants to heal, happen and come into coherence.

We are changed by this course. Taking it again allows it to deepen and some of what might have seemed "too much-too fast" can be accessed. I would and will recommend this course to friends!!

It is a modality that awakens much slower and older rhythms and awareness in the body. Feels necessary and important; an antidote to the rapid pace and big drama so present in much of the current collective experience.

Q: What would you say to prospective students? 

A: I'd suggest they sit with the topics you mention on your website, and would give a resounding YES for any and all who have even dipped their toe towards the idea. Such valuable skills in all the ways - personal, interpersonal, professional, relational, etc. What a gift to be able to exist in this way with the tools that we've learned and the community that I've gained. Blessings abound!!!

Q: How was it to be paired with a partner online instead of choosing in person?
A: I feel like I was paired so perfectly and really felt grateful for the chance to be a presence for the humans you chose for me, and for being able to receive their presence. I tend to be passive when it comes to choosing a partner in a classroom, allowing others to choose (or possibly reject...) me and this felt SO magical for me. Thank you. ❤

This is the most appropriate training for understanding self and life. For navigating through the highs and lows of life and self and arriving to a place of neutral, non-judgmental witnessing. You could call it, how to land on earth in a body, un-hijack your nervous system, free sovereignty, align with spirit and self, and cultivate capacities for thriving in a new paradigm of earth-living-embodiment...or something like that ;)

Alchemical Alignment has allowed me to create a new relationship with my body, my being, and my outward human life experience. It has shown me new ways to relate to others, given me permission to feel and express my authentic NO, and has allowed me to find the beginnings of my own personal medicine/magic. I am so grateful for the gift of Alchemical Alignment and I dream of a life where all humans have the tools I have learned and embodied over the last 9 months. Thank you for your power, your wisdom, your beauty and your grace. I am forever changed by this experience and by knowing you are out in the world. <3 


If there’s one training you could ever take to come into a greater sense of living and being in the world as a whole and complete human being, do this training.  

Alchemical Alignment: Bodywork for Trauma Resolution and Embodiment of Spirit is an in depth and unique opportunity for self exploration, healing and development. It is a gorgeous offering towards wholeness and health like no other that I've ever experienced <3

My clients reap the benefits from this incredible material by releasing old patterns, stuckness and trauma. And I get to experience a resourcing retreat and tremendous personal growth, as I learn how to be of service to them and the world more fully, through these life changing teachings and classes. 

AlchAlmt has been my most influential course in intuitive healing.  The transformational work I do with people has resulted in clients feeling safe in their body and the world, regaining control over non-working working body parts, releasing addiction, depression, anxiety, and undoing traumas from surgeries and injuries with rapid results.

I have taken this course multiple times over a few years, and each time I am blown away by the depth and usefulness to both my private practice and my life. This course can transform your understanding of your own history, your relationships, and the world. I highly recommend it to any therapist longing to truly practice with the whole person.

I feel different.  I am very aware that the Alchemical Alignment class is first and foremost about MY alchemical process, rather than simply (or only) learning about techniques to bring home to my professional work.  I am the work, the process..… the transformation.  I feel like I have radically yet subtly changed.  There is a different and significant feeling of peace, joy and embodiment that I am experiencing. Gratitude is filling my heart. 

I felt as restored and nourished through this training as I do from weeklong silent meditation retreats.  The embodied work is transformational. I feel prepared to share this work with my clients:  this is because of the excellent process and teaching.