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​​The Alignment Sequence

Here is the Alignment Sequence, an embodiment ritual 

that can help you reclaim, or create anew, presence within your body. 

​There are three lengths. 

A longer, narrated version to learn

or deepen (The Triple),

a medium, quiet version for regular use (The Double),

and a short version for a quick alignment (The Single).

(***People report that they appreciate

using bluetooth speakers

with certain devices with limited sound quality.)

Feedback from Alignment Sequence users:

“These gentle movements

wake up every part of my body, I love doing them!”
(So great to get feedback like this. Readers have no idea what the body of the person writing it has experienced, though... I do know, am excited she is using the Sequence, and am honored that these words were sent to me.)

Brigit’s Alignment Sequence is very grounding and centering.  

Soothing music and her gentle words guide the fluid movements.  

Her three versions provide flexibility to wake up

and connect with my whole body

if I have just 10 minutes or a full hour.  Feeling refreshed and uplifted

at the end of each session, I’m grateful for this empowering resource.  
Terry Saracino, MA, MBA

Brigit's Alignment Sequence is deceptively powerful –

engaging the simple, gentle movements leaves me feeling

more grounded, stable, rejuvenated and trusting every time I practice.

And the forest plus Brigit's energy are such a beautiful complements

to the movement sequence. Highly recommended

for those seeking embodied and spiritual centering! - Rachael Maddox 

I reach for the Alignment Sequence when I’ve forgotten that movement is an option.

This becomes my small doable piece.

Brigit is always there waiting to move with me,

ensuring I never have to take this journey alone.

Every part of me gets reintegrated and I get to be whole again.
Carol Austin BCST, CMT

Artful, artful, beautiful. Deep, lush: color and sound.

Right away, the feeling of family, as in familiar, lineage, ground/roots,

missing as wanting but just then having, this moment of reflection,

mirroring/moving with, the quiet, pace, depth, resonance,

all so familiar, meeting of past present future,

strong sense of place, deepening, familiar, familiar, like so, myself

drawn into the room whole.

Smile, rest, onward…

Single shot is something like a breeze,

crystallizing, clarifying, harmonizing what is already here;

invaluable for gently resealing a boundary in moments of vulnerability and exhaustion;

also a great tool before getting back to work after a break

(as an illustrator—and just as a creature—that hand/eye/brain/body fluidity

is so important). Double shot is especially quieting in its wordlessness;

inviting a sense of immersion, something fluid, flowing, water in it.

And while I didn’t mean to separate out the elements,

I find earth, solid, practice in the Triple shot.

Guidance, advice. Time! Precious, precious time.  -HG


For Current Time Soothing and Stabilization:

Download "Somatic Tools for Covid Ascension," 
12 sessions for both stabilization and ascension 
during this transition to a New Earth. 
Move through this chaotic time with support.
Tap into the massive, virtual toroidal field 
created for ascension purposes, 
12 times for 50 minutes. 
Sessions include a small piece of the Alignment Sequence, 
a trauma/embodiment/ascension topic, 
interwoven with channeled biodynamic healing experiences.
This is foundational info at the leading edge of somatic therapeutic work. Recommended frequency: watching one session every 2-3 days.


​And a hidden gem for you: