Into the light/rainbow bridge

If you have a sense that a departed person or group has not found rest, or that you have not felt completion - maybe events moved too fast - this is an opportunity to deepen into a meditative somatic ritual (~45 min) followed by optional brief sharing (~30-45 min) by those who attend. Led by Brigit. Will include Latvian songs and descriptions of their meaning. No recordings, live only.

Oct 20, 23, 24 at 2:15 Eastern. Come to one, two or three sessions. 

Further information for Into the Light/Rainbow Bridge:

Why would I attend this?

Healthy relationships between the living and the dead bring life energy. Sometimes it seems that the dead have a foot in the world of the living, or the living have a foot in the world of the dead. That's depleting.

If you haven’t had a chance to metabolize a loss, and feel the one who is gone arriving in a new realm, that can bind your life energy, even create symptoms. The clarity and abundance of your health can grow when there is order in your physical and metaphysical life. Your capacity for self-regulation and co-regulation grows. Life gets easier.

Why would I want to come to all three? 

Maybe you’ve had one close person where it feels like three sessions would help you land in this new reality, or you’ve had three people pass away, maybe you love to do acts of service for the world, and are ready to help the land near or far from you meet those stuck between worlds during our session time.

What if I need more support than the session gives me?

Please turn to your trusted practitioners, or look to the ones on our assistants' list, or our list of grads (link coming). If this is a long-term issue, please find yourself long-term support.

Is this for me if I am in crisis?

No, you’d want to be working with stabilization only, until your capacity grows for attending a session like this.

Can I maintain a connection?

Of course. The clarity of being able to visit with the dearly departed, and have conversations just a thought away, is part of our intimate landscape.

Will I receive a recording?

No, please treat this like a live ritual in the forest or a sacred site, where you would deepen in and participate in present time.

Why Latvian songs?

Latvian is as old as Sanskrit. You might be more familiar with chants and songs sung in other languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, Latin… The old, light-filled languages act on the subconscious, deepening one’s ability to access spaces and experiences beyond the veils, or deep inside.

What if I have very different spiritual practices for the dead?

Great, congratulations that you do, you can weave them into the sessions, creating your own spiritual blend. That is very welcome, and even makes your experience stronger, so is highly recommended.

How should I prepare?

How would you prepare for a funeral or a memorial? You would treat the event with respect: you might wear something other than everyday clothing. If you were hosting it at your own place, you might have some flowers, crystals or photos. Start there, and feel for what else your intuition suggests.

Will I be seen?

Not if you don't want to be. You can keep your audio and video off the whole time. 

How to integrate afterwards?

To support yourself in metabolizing deep or precious internal experiences, writing about them in a journal or speaking with a dear friend brings the information to different areas of your brain and heart, and adult conscious self. You might choose to share a sentence or two in the session itself - this benefits all.

When might this happen again?

There are currently plans to repeat this in October 2022.

For whom is this?

Most people attracted to Alchemical Alignment are energetically sensitive empaths, practitioners working with clients, ready to deepen into the metaphysical aspects of interactive mental and physical therapies. This is one of our offerings which may be appropriate for a more varied audience. Please come if your intuition is whispering yes to you, or tugging you in this direction.

Will you have more offerings?

Yes, we are quietly beginning weekly and monthly offerings for practitioners, look for that here.