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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions, Further information for Monthly Community Sessions:

What subjects will you offer this year? What time do we start?

Save the dates, to attend our monthly full-moon-time Somatic Meditations, Journeys, Rituals. Participants are reporting positive benefits from attending.

All times US Eastern, lasting 60-90 min.

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Dec 17, 3 pm*     Solstice Prep: Divine Feminine Demanifestation (*had been 2 pm)

Jan  2023            Boundary Repair, Blueprint Rehab

Feb 2023             Primary Reflexes

Mar 2023             Post Car Accident, Blueprint Rehab

Apr 2023              Freeze Rehab, Resurrection Practice

May 2023             Micro-Flight Practice, Escape Rehab
Jun 2023              Solstice Prep: Divine Masculine Creation Impulse
Jul 2023               Visceral Biodynamic Motility

Aug 2023             Visiting Intimacy

Sept 2023            MicroFight Rehab
Oct 2023              Into the Light/Beyond the Veil
Nov 2023             Post Surgery, Tides

Why would I attend these?

Healthy relationship with each of these subjects balances one, and also brings more life energy. Sometimes it seems that we have some part of ourselves missing, and usually it is orienting to a trauma or leftover speed or heaviness from history. That's depleting.

If you haven’t had a chance to metabolize a trauma, that can bind your life energy, and create any variety of symptoms. The clarity and abundance of your health can grow when there is order in your physical and metaphysical life. Your capacity for self-regulation and co-regulation grows. Life gets easier.

For whom are these sessions?

These sessions are designed for practitioners and experienced clients of somatic healing. 

Why would I want to come to all of these? 

There are benefits to deepening into each subject.  Trauma Resolution and Embodiment of Spirit, including Secure Attachment Rehab, can be seen as a life path. As you commit to it, more of your skills and talents become available to you, at greater depths with every decade. 

What if I need more support than the session gives me?

Please turn to your trusted practitioners, or look to the ones on our assistants' list, or our list of grads (link coming). If this is a long-term issue, please find yourself long-term support.

Is this for me if I am in crisis?

No, you’d want to be working with stabilization only, until your capacity grows for attending a session like this.

Why might there be Latvian songs?

Latvian is as old as Sanskrit. You might be more familiar with chants and songs sung in other languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, Latin… The old, light-filled languages act on the subconscious, deepening one’s ability to access spaces and experiences beyond the veils, or deep inside.

What if I have very different spiritual practices than what you will offer?

Great, congratulations that you do, you can weave them into the sessions, creating your own spiritual blend. That is very welcome, and even makes your experience stronger, so is highly recommended.

How should I prepare?

How would you prepare for a ritual? You would treat the event with respect: you might wear something other than everyday clothing. If you were hosting it at your own place, you might have some special food and drink, flowers, crystals or photos. Start there, and feel for what else your intuition suggests.

Will I be seen?

Not if you don't want to be. You can keep your audio and video off the whole time. 

How to integrate afterwards?

To support yourself in metabolizing deep or precious internal experiences, writing about them in a journal, making art, or speaking with a dear friend brings the information to different areas of your brain and heart, and adult conscious self. You might choose to share a sentence or two in the session itself - this benefits all.

For whom is this?

Most people attracted to Alchemical Alignment are energetically sensitive empaths, practitioners working with clients, ready to deepen into the metaphysical aspects of interactive mental and physical therapies. Some of our offerings may be appropriate for a more varied audience. Please come if you feel you are a match, and if your intuition is whispering yes to you, or tugging you in this direction.

Do you have more group offerings?

Yes, so far weekly (Tuesdays, 8 am Eastern) live professional Alignment session (20 minutes slow movement, 20 minutes guided meditation), with a recording, so you can do it daily. And a group healing, monthly at the new moon. We are quietly beginning to create more weekly and monthly offerings for practitioners and well-educated clients, look for that here.  

Will I receive a recording? What about refunds?

No, please treat this like a live ritual at a sacred site or in the forest, where you would deepen in and participate in present time.  If you can't make a live concert, theater, or movie, you won't get a refund or recording, same with this.

What if I want to go deeper?

Please work 1:1 with an AlchAlmt Practitioner, or join us in the Alchemical Alignment training program, if you are a healthcare or healing practitioner.